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Heart Touching Message for Teachers – Happy Teachers Day

Just by being a teacher
In all these wonderful days,
You have filled and touched my heart
In so many different ways.

I remember the times I came to you,
My eyes all filled with tears,
Sadness all around,
My mind beset by fears.

Every time I had problems,
You helped me through it all,
Coming to save me every time,
When I was about to fall.

You are such a special teacher;
No words can truly tell
How greatly you are valued
For the work, you do so well.

I really do wonder
How will I stay apart
From you, who I deeply respect,
You, so close to my heart.

How will I forget you, Mam,
The things you helped me through?
I was blessed with inspiration,
And it has always been you.

A teacher is someone who understands us,
loves us, inspires us, guides us
and takes care of us.
Teachers understand our feelings,
and help us when we have problems.
Teachers show us the right path.
They treat all of us equally,
love us equally, like their own children.

Teachers try their best to explain to us
what is right and what is wrong.
They help us to find our creativity.
They become sad when we are sad,
and they become happy when we are happy.

Teachers are like our friends.
They take second place in our life, after the family.
They are kind, friendly, responsible,
honest and loyal.

We are lucky to have a wonderful, loving,
kind, honest, helping, caring, loyal,
a responsible teacher likes you.

Teacher, you are a very kind-hearted woman
and a very wonderful teacher.
Even though you shouted a bit,
I honestly didn’t mind.
You were always focused on us.
If we did not pay attention,
you sent us to detention.

I wish I could turn back the clock
to be back in your class.
You are an admirable teacher,
and as a teacher, you are a star.
I love you very much.
I wish you would be my teacher next year.
I will really miss you.

To the best teacher in the world

You stood as my second parent;
You loved me as your child.
You taught me from your heart,
So willing and so mild.

I express my gratitude to you,
for always guiding me through,
For helping me make decisions,
To carry out my missions.

I hope you know as this school year ends
I treat you as one of my best friends.
You are also like my angel
And will forever be my teacher.

Thank you, teachers, for everything,
for being nice and kind to us,
for always staying near us.

Thank you for teaching us good new things,
for making us new, better people,
helping to erase the old, bad parts of us.

Thank you for making us comfortable and happy,
for being friends with us,
for sharing your past.

I know my simple words, “Thank you,”
are not enough for all you have done,
but know that I am really very grateful to you.
Thank you very much for everything.

Thank you, teachers.

When we do mistakes,
You are our escort.
When we are hurt,
You rejuvenate our wounds.
You are our mentor.
When we are lost,
You guide us.
When we need help,
You help us.
When we are in distress,
You stand by us.
You are our mentor.
You are like spring,
As you nurture tiny green sprouts into trees,
But there’s one unique quality within you:
You also turn weeds into trees.
You are like winter,
As you make us shiver
With your deep thoughts and teachings.
You are as bright as the sun,
Lighting up lessons so we can see.
You are our mentor.
You are precious to each one of us;
If you were not there
We wouldn’t exist in the same way.
You are a burning flame;
You are the lotus in a bay.
You are our mentor.
Soon this joyful occasion,
We wish you a very happy teachers’ day.

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